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Why Does My Puff Bar Vapes Taste Burnt?

You’re going about your day, enjoying a hit off your Puff Bar Vapes like usual when a dry hit strikes. There are few things worse than a surprise dry hit. That hot, dry, burnt taste coats your mouth and always seems to stick around for much longer than necessary. Are you trying to figure out why your Puff Bar Vapes tastest burnt?

It doesn’t matter which device you use. Every e-cig is prone to a dry hit or two. It doesn’t necessarily mean your device is broken or that you need to throw it away. There are a few reasons dry hits happen and some things you can do to avoid them or fix the problem.
Why Does My Puff Bar Vapes Taste Burnt?

Your Puff Bar Vapes tastes burnt when the cotton wicking system in your device dries out. This might sound complicated if you don’t understand how an electronic cigarette works but it’s actually quite straightforward. What does this mean exactly?

All vape devices use the combination of a heating element (usually a coil), a wicking system (mostly cotton), and e-liquid. To put it simply, the heating element warms the e-liquid that soaks the wicking system until it reaches the point of a vapor. What you’re inhaling when you use your e-cig is the vaporized product made from this process.

Problems arise when the heating element heats a wicking system that is no longer soaked in e-liquid. It tries to vaporize a liquid that isn’t there which means it only heats up the cotton. The coil burns the dry cotton which causes that awful, scorching dry hit you experienced.

So why does your Puff Bar Vapes taste burnt? You got a hit where the cotton in your device wasn’t soaked properly so you got a taste of scorched wick. Don’t throw your device away yet, though! There are a few things you can try first.
How Do I Fix It When My Puff Bar Vapes Tastes Burnt?

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So what can you do when your Puff Bar Vapes tastes burnt? If you got a dry hit from your device, try out a few of the tips below before doing anything else.
1. Wait a few minutes before trying to take another puff.

When you get a hit from your Puff Bar Vapes that tastes burnt, leave it alone for a few minutes. Don’t try to hit it again immediately; there isn’t enough time for the cotton to re-soak if you don’t wait a few moments.

If you try to hit it again right away, you risk the chance of burning the cotton completely. Once the cotton is burnt you’ll continue getting a burnt taste, even after the wick re-saturates. Set your device down for a few minutes instead and give the cotton time to soak up more e-liquid before taking another puff.
2. Tilt your device upside down to re-soak the cotton.

Tilt your device around slightly if your Puff Bar Vapes tastes burnt still. This helps the e-liquid saturate the wicking system in your device. Combine this tip with waiting a few minutes to get the best chance at not burning the wicking system entirely. After you give the cotton time to soak up some more e-liquid, see if you’re still getting a burnt taste from your Puff Bar Vapes .
3. Let your Puff Bar Vapes sit for longer.

If you’re still getting dry hits from your Puff Bar Vapes, pick up a new one and let the old one sit for a day. Don’t throw it away just yet; you might be able to get a few more puffs off it before you need to dispose of it. Sometimes it takes longer for the wicking system to soak up any e-juice that’s left in your device.
4. Accept that your Puff Bar Vapes might be burnt.

At the end of the day, your Puff Bar Vapes is a disposable vape. It’s going to run out of e-liquid eventually and the device will burn out. There isn’t much you can do to avoid it if your Puff Bar Vapes tastes burnt once it’s out of e-liquid.

You’ll need to throw out your burnt Puff Bar Vapes and pick up a new one. This is the perfect time to try out one of the Puff Bar Vapes flavors you haven’t yet, or maybe check out the Puff Bar Vapes Glow collection! If you’re using the original Puff Bar Vapes and running out of liquid too soon, the Puff Bar Vapes Glow is the perfect alternative.

You can get more than two times as many hits from a Puff Bar Vapes Glow as you can from the original Puff Bar Vapes. With up to 800 puffs per device, it’s a great option for those who find their Puff Bar Vapes tastes burnt too quickly!

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