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Benefits of vaping for the environment

Benefits of vaping for the environment

Every day more people are aware of caring for the environment. And it is that, changing our behavior and being more respectful with the environment that surrounds us is easier than many think.

It is enough to become aware and carry out small actions on a day-to-day basis. If you don’t know very well where to start and you are a smoker, we will show you how to switch to vaping can be one of them.

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Three reasons why vaping is greener than tobacco

As is logical when we talk about vaping it is inevitable to make a comparison with traditional tobacco. Although the way of consuming both products is the same, they are totally different, especially in terms of how it affects personal health and the environment.

The combustion

The vaping not generate smoke since any combustion does not occur, to the contrary that the snuff which will burn slowly. This combustion of traditional cigarettes releases a series of very harmful particles such as nicotine, ammonia, formaldehyde, and even arsenic among many others, which end up mixing with the air, causing pollution of the environment.

Therefore, tobacco smoke not only affects those who smoke, but it can also reach other close people, putting their health at risk, as the World Health Organization clearly shows.


The deforestation of the planet is one of the great challenges that humanity faces, since the conservation of forests is vital to fight against global warming, as well as being a natural way to protect water and soil.

According to environmental organizations we know that one of the main causes of deforestation is the transformation of land to make it arable, with tobacco being one of the most widespread crops in the world. For its part, vaping does not require this type of plantation that causes a great environmental impact.

The filters

Microplastic contamination is another workhorse that environmentalism must fight, and it turns out that the filters in the straws are one of the main causes of this problem. These filters are made of plastics that are not biodegradable , however this fact does not seem to be taken into account, since they are one of the most collected waste in cities, not to mention natural environments.

Of course, this problem has no place in the world of vaping, although it is true that it also generates waste, although to a lesser extent, it is a matter of disposing it responsibly using the usual mechanisms for recycling batteries or containers.

Thus, we can affirm that vaping is perfectly compatible with an environmentally friendly lifestyle . If we compare it with other habits such as smoking tobacco, we observe that it is much more ecological since it is enough to do good waste management to carry out an eco-sustainable vaping.

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