WARNING: This product contains tobacco free nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

5 tips to use the electronic cigarette correctly

5 tips to use the electronic cigarette correctly

5 tips for electronic cigarettes

Thanks to the use of the electronic cigarette you can definitely and once and for all stop smoking, and for you to achieve this we are going to give you five basic tips that every good vaper has taken into account especially in their early days. We want you’re quitting to be a success and that you enjoy the world of vaping, so we encourage you to keep these 5 tips in mind.

What do I do with the flavors of the e-liquid?

It is true that there are many flavors, and it is really interesting and normal that there will be interest and curiosity to try them, especially if this is your first time at an electronic cigarette store without much information and without knowing what to do , to enter. But our advice is that you understand that at this point you are still a traditional smoker, and your first goal is to quit smoking, with which we advise you not to play with the flavors from the beginning, it is better to leave it to a future for when you are already totally unhooked or at least you have advanced enough in your mission to quit smoking. From the outset, it is better to choose a flavor that reminds you of the tobacco you have been smoking until now, such as these with nicotine-flavored tobacco liquid desert ship tobacco flavor from Ekmel, the USA mix or Virginia Blend.

How do I rate nicotine?

It is normal that you worry about the nicotine graduation since what you want is to abandon this habit, but you must bear in mind that in reality, you have been absorbing important levels of nicotine for years, so controlling your nicotine levels at first should not be one of the concerns. The most normal thing is to start regulating nicotine when you have abandoned the traditional smoking habit for that of electronic cigarettes, until this moment we suggest that you basically worry about enjoying the world of vaping to permanently give up tobacco. In short, use the level of nicotine you need to quit smoking, if after a few weeks you continue to be very anxious about tobacco, you may have chosen a nicotine level too low for your electronic cigarette.


Invest in resistors

The coils, known within the world of vaping as atomizers or wicks, wear out due to use. We recommend that you always have spare parts since they are important for the electronic cigarette to work 100%, offering abundant vapor and also so that you do not hit with a burnt flavor. If your electronic cigarette begins to produce little vapor or it tastes like burned, it is a sign that it is time to change your resistors. If it is not done in time, your quitting process will be interrupted.

Don’t run out of battery

If you keep it in mind, it is really easy to have a charged replacement battery, it is not silly since at the beginning if you do not have a cigarette available for use, you can have a moment of unnecessary anxiety. Usually, the Starter Kits come with two cigarettes this allows you to always have a charged battery, and there is also the possibility of buying loose batteries. https://piedmontmastergardeners.org/ The new MODs models also have batteries with a much higher capacity than normal ones, taking away your worries about charges, since they allow you to take care of recharging only once a day or every several days, depending on the use.

Take another step

We are sure that you have managed to quit smoking or that if you are starting you can do it, At this point, we recommend that you take a leap towards high-end e-cigarettes like MODs and enjoy all of the flavors and accessories you can have. Do not hesitate and expand your experience in the world of vaping. You will not regret it.


With these 5 tips, we want your abandonment of the world of tobacco to stop being an attempt to become a reality. We are sure you can get it!

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